Cavalor Kickup

Cavalor Kick Up has been developed to keep your horse fresh during multiple-day events. Indication for use Per day: ponies and recreation horses: 25 ml/0.85 oz, sport horses: 50 ml/1.69 oz.

Cavalor ATP+

Cavalor ATP+ is a mixture of vegetable fats designed to increase the energy density of the feed. It is ideal for improving the endurance of your horse. Indication for use: Replace 2 kg of daily feed by max. 1 kg of ATP+. Introduce progressively.

Cavalor Pow\'red Performance

Cavalor Pow’red Performance is a liquid mixture of high-quality vitamins and minerals that supports red blood cells and circulation. It also ensures maximum vitality and endurance. Indication for use: Per day: ponies and young horses: 25 ml/0.85 fl. oz., sport horses: 50 ml/ 1.76 fl. oz. Maximum dose per day: 100 ml.

Cavalor Resist

Cavalor Resist + Vit C is designed to support the immune system of your horse. It is useful during the seasonal coat-changing period and for recently imported horses. It can also be used to help prevent skin irritation when traveling to warmer or sandy environments. Indication for use Per day: ponies and young horses: 30 g/1.06 oz, adult horses: 45 g/1.59 oz.

Cavalor Dry Feet

An easy to use, highly effective spray to keep the sole dry and avoid thrush. Indication for use: In case of very weak soles and frogs: apply twice daily for 5 days. As maintenance: apply twice weekly.

Cavalor Hoof Aid

High dose of biotin and other elements to strengthen the quality of the hooves. Indication for use: Per day: ponies, recreation horses and sport horses: 30 g/1.06 oz.

Cavalor Hoof Aid Special

Stimulates hoof growth and improves the quality of the hooves. Indication for use: Per day: ponies and young horses: 50 g/1.7 oz, horses: 150 g/5.3 oz - minimum 4 weeks. The best result is obtained after 3 - 6 months.

Cavalor Hoof Conditioner

Hoof balm based on natural fats and laurel. Indication for use Apply several times a week on cleaned hooves.

Cavalor Solemate

Cavalor SoleMate again takes the lead in providing the perfect care for hoof soreness without having to wrap! Cavalor SoleMate reduces inflammation and relieves pain in horse hooves with all natural ingredients that wash off with water! Cavalor SoleMate will not test! Indication for use: Cavalor SoleMate is extremely sticky but won't adhere to a wet hand! Thoroughly clean all areas of the sole using a hoof pick and brush dirt out to ensure maximum absorption. Hoof must be DRY to adhere properly. Using a wet hand (or glove if preferred) scoop out product and cover the sole and frog evenly. Cover with wood shavings, paper, etc, so it won't stick to barn floor. No need to wrap for stall rest but recommended for turnout or if your horse does not have shoes.

Cavalor Arti Base

For use in maintaining strong bones and keeping joints flexible in horses during the growth phase, horses in work and older horses, as well as preventively for sport horses. Indication for use: Per day: ponies and recreation horses: 30 g/1.06 oz , sport horses: 60 g/2.11 oz

Cavalor Arti Matrix

Chondroitin, glucosamine & MSM alone are not enough to resolve stubborn joint problems. Cavalor Arti Matrix fulfills the increased need for nutrients of the locomotor system in sport horses that engage in heavy efforts by improving suppleness in the joints. Indication for use Per day: ponies and recreation horses: 30 g/1.06 oz (2 sachets), sporthorses: 45 g/1.58 oz (3 sachets) - min. 4 weeks.

Cavalor Freebute

Sport horses only perform optimally when they are feeling good. Cavalor FreeBute supports the muscles and joints of horses that have to deliver top performances. Cavalor FreeBute helps your horse feel good. Indication for use 5-10 tablets per day divided over 2 meals, 1 to 2 days before and during the competition.

Cavalor Freebute Pro

Cavalor FreeBute Pro was developed to support the muscles and gives nutritional support in times of muscle and joint stress. Cavalor Freebute Pro is ideal for horses that have to deliver top performances at the highest level. Indication for use: One-half injection the evening before the exertion and one-half injection in the morning prior to the exertion.

Cavalor Muscle Fit

Complementary feed for horses as nutritional support for supple muscular motion. Use before and after intense efforts to obtain optimal muscle fitness and flexibility. After 2 days, your horse will be less subject to muscle stiffness and soreness. Indication for use: Per day: 30 g/1.06 oz (2 sachets). In case of serious acidification: 2 days before, during and 1 day after the competition.

Cavalor Muscle Force

Increases muscle mass and improves athletic performance by creating additional muscle cells. Visible improvement in muscle definition within 6 weeks. Indication for use: Per day: 45 g/1.59 oz, min. 6 weeks.

Cavalor Muscle Liq

Cavalor Muscle Liq helps prevent muscle soreness and dehydration. It also increases the action of the kidneys in clearing toxic wastes produced after intense work. Cavalor Muscle Liq encourages horses to drink water. Indication for use: Per day: For horses in hard training or horses with a history of “tying up,” 50 ml per day.

Cavalor Muscooler

Invigorates and relieves overloaded tendons. Indication for use: Massage the gel onto the legs in thin layers.

Cavalor Electroliq Balance

Liquid mixture of electrolytes and quickly absorbable vitamins to increase fitness and facilitate recovery from intense training, competition or transport. Indication for use: Per day before or after a period of sweating: ponies and recreation horses: 30 ml/1.01 fl. oz;, sport horses: 50 ml/1.69 fl. oz.

Cavalor Electrolyte Balance

A tasty powder mixture of electrolytes and quickly absorbable vitamins that has a positive impact on recovery ability. Indication for use: Per day: 45 g/1.59 oz.

Cavalor Bronchix Liquid

Cavalor Bronchix Liquid has a soothing effect on the airways and helps free them. Indication for use: 25 ml/0.85 fl. oz. two times a day put in the feed for at least 5 days.

Cavalor Bronchix Pure

Herbal mixture designed to soothe and clear the pulmonary tract. Cavalor® Bronchix Pure supports the respiratory tract and increases natural resistance. Indication for use: Directions for use: 50 g/day for 40 days. Max.: 120g/day.

Cavalor Sperm Booster

A good metabolism ensures the maintenance of optimal sperm quality. Sperm Booster supports the horse´s metabolism and provides the necessary vitamins, minerals and energy in order to promote the motility of the sperm. Indication for use: Per day: 25 g/0.88 oz.

Cavalor Colostra 24

Colostrum is of vital importance for newborn foals. Indication for use: Use within 24 hours after birth, mixed with warm water or powdered milk.

Cavalor Hyppoloc

Easily digestable instant powdered milk with nutritional values equal to natural mother’s milk. Indication for use: Bottle with 150 g/5.29 oz Liter water 40°C.

Cavalor Digest

Cavalor Digest is ideal for horses with a sensitive digestive system. Promotes and strengthens beneficial intestinal flora. Indication for use: Per day: ponies: 30 g/1.06 oz, recreation horses and sport horses: 45 g/1.58 oz.

Cavalor Gastro8

More horses than one might expect suffer from gastric irritation. Cavalor Gastro 8 works on several levels in order to keep the stomach pH neutral and thus protect the stomach wall against irritation. Indication for use: Per day: ponies, recreation horses and sporthorses: 30 g/1.06 oz.

Cavalor Gastro 8 Paste

Cavalor Gastro 8 paste can be administered directly into the mouth. The product is ideal for horses suffering from poor appetite due to gastric irritation. Cavalor Gastro 8 paste can be followed up with Cavalor Gastro 8 powder or it can continue to be used for a longer period (1 tube per day). Indication for use: Day 1 through 5: 2 syringes/day. Day 6 through 10: 1 syringe/day. Can be given safely following on Cavalor Gastro Aid powder.

Cavalor Hepato Liq

Dietetic feed to support the liver. A horse’s body has a lot of waste substances to process. Cavalor Hepato Liq supports the equine metabolism. Indication for use: Per day: 5cc in the morning and 5cc in the evening for 25 days.

Cavalor Vitaflor 365

Cavalor Vitaflor 365 offers a unique solution to optimize the intestinal flora, thus allowing maximum yield to be obtained from the feed. It prevents acidification of the large intestine, helps put on weight and is ideal for recovery after treatment with antibiotics. Indication for use: Daily: sport horse: 30 g/1.06 oz. recreation horse: 20 g/0.70 oz. foals: 15 g pregnant or lactating mare: 40 g/1.41 oz. foal: 10 g/0.35 oz.

Cavalor Leather Shine

This unique formula nourishes leather, keeping it supple and leaving a nice shine without making the leather slippery. Indication for use: Apply Cavalor Leather Shine to leather with a moist cloth or sponge. For extra shine, polish with a wool cloth.

Cavalor leather Soap

For thoroughly cleaning the leather. Indication for use Apply Cavalor Leather Soap to the leather with a moist cloth or sponge.

Cavalor Cooling Wash

The ideal way to refresh the body and revitalize the muscles after exertion. Indication for use: Add 1 capful (15 ml//0.68 fl. oz) to 4L/1 gallon of water. Using a sponge, apply this mixture to the body, especially the legs and back. Rinsing not necessary.

Cavalor Equi Wash

Skin-friendly shampoo. Indication for use: Dilute Cavalor Equi Wash with warm water, rub well into the coat and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Cavalor Hygienic Wash

Cavalor Hygienic Wash cleans the skin and kills bacteria, viruses and fungus. Indication for use: Moisten the skin, rub in the ready-to-use liquid until a layer of foam develops, rinse thoroughly with water.

Cavalor Iceclay

Natural clay supplemented with minerals to relax stressed legs. Indication for use: Fast cooling: apply thick layer on the legs (tendons), allow to dry and rinse off with cold water Slow cooling: apply thick layer to the tendons, wrap in wet paper and bandage

Cavalor Lurax

A skin ointment ideal for treating scrapes, bruises and other skin irritations. Indication for use: Apply the ointment to the damaged skin. Store in a cool place.

Cavalor Muddoc

This mud fever (scratches) ointment is a 100% natural and doping-free product. Because MudDoc stops bacteria from attaching to the foot, it not only treats current mud fever but helps prevent future breakouts as well. Indication for use: Disinfect the irritated skin and apply Cavalor MudDoc. For external use only.

Cavalor Star Shine

A long-acting detangler that gives a beautiful shine to your horse. Indication for use: As detangler: Spray Cavalor Star Shine on the tail and mane, let dry and then comb. As brightener: Spray on the coat. After drying polish with a wool cloth.

Cavalor sw-itch

Cavalor Sw-itch was specially developed for horses that are sensitive from skin irritation or itchy as a result of weather conditions or insect bites. Sw-itch protects your horse against uncontrollable itching and helps prevent sweet itch, including rubbing of the tail not related to parasites. Indication for use: Apply Sw-itch every day to the affected skin as soon as you notice skin irritation. To keep the itching under control, use Sw-itch 2 to 7 days a week. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

Cavalor Action Mix

THE IDEAL MIX FOR ACTIVE COMPETITION HORSES PRACTICING LIGHT WORK Cavalor® Action Mix is formulated for competition horses subject to performing light work (4-8 hours a week). The selection of natural raw materials in Cavalor® Action Mix is specifically tailored to meet the nutritional needs of horses practicing light work while maintaining adequate nutrition, high palatability and keeping feeding costs low. Cavalor® Action Mix contains FLORASTIMUL, a prebiotic to ensure the health of the intestinal flora. Cavalor® Action Mix is designed to be fed in addition to hay and straw. This great competition mix can also be fed with limited grazing (1 kg of hay = 5 kg of grass) to ensure horses get all key nutritional elements.

Cavalor Action Pellet

TOP QUALITY SPORTS PELLET Cavalor® Action Pellet is a tasteful and nutritious pelleted feed designed to be fed as a complete feed or as a supplemental feed in addition to grains (oats or barley). Cavalor® Action Pellet contains top quality proteins and easily digestible sources of cellulose. The additional of these high quality ingredients can be seen in a very short period of time through a healthy and shiny coat. The pellets in Cavalor® Action Pellet are larger than other pellets usually seen in the market. The larger pellets allow for the feed to be chewed properly and, as a result, the first phase of the digestive process (mixing with saliva) is facilitated and exceptionally more effective. The addition of FLORASTIMUL in Cavalor® Action pellet helps to ensure a healthy intestinal flora.PRO ENERGY ensures a balanced supply of energy which optimizes endurance and energy consumption.

Cavalor Endurix

THE POWER OF ENDURANCE Cavalor® Endurix is designed for competition horses performing long, low intensity aerobic exercises such as long distance and endurance training (e.g. dressage, military, carriage-driving, endurance, etc.). Since these horses must deliver continuous efforts, not only do they need energy from grains, they also need long-term energy sources from good fats like vegetable oils, essential fatty acids and electrolytes (essential minerals) to compensate for the loss of minerals during exercise. Cavalor® Endurix contains MEGA ELECTROLYTE, an essential blend of minerals to ensure that your horse enters the competition with sufficient electrolyte reserves. A constant need for the energy reserves stored within the muscle cells (glycogen) may lead to exhaustion. The high fat content in Cavalor® Endurix helps counteract muscle fatigue as it creates a glycogen-saving effect which means that there is more energy left over at the end of the effort and during the effort there is a decrease in the breakdown of muscle cells. Not only is the amount of fat important, but the source of fat is also important. The high percentage of good fats as a source of energy in combination with low-soluble carbohydrates helps decrease the risk of muscle cramps (tying-up). Cavalor® Endurix contains MUSCLE PLUS, a sophisticated blend of vitamin E and selenium, which contributes to strengthening the muscles.

Cavalor Fiberforce

THE ULTIMATE FIBER MIX Cavalor® FiberForce is a high-fiber, low starch feed likely suitable for horses with gastrointestinal disturbances. Cavalor® FiberForce contains a mix of key fiber sources as well as specially designed extruded fiber pellets containing vitamins, minerals and extra boost of fiber The formula has a very low level of sugar (3%) and starch (5%) in comparison to other complete horse feeds in the market. The total sugar and starch content is lower than most standard types of hay . Cavalor® FiberForce contains DIGEST CONTROL which guarantees low levels of sugar and starch which positively effect bowel function. Due to the low starch level, high-fiber and high oil content, Cavalor®FiberForce can be extremely beneficial for horses experiencing muscle issues.

Cavalor FiftyFifty

THE HEART OF CAVALOR FEED Cavalor® Fifty-Fifty contains the core nutritional components found in premium Cavalor feeds such as Cavalor® Endurix, Cavalor® Perfomix and Cavalor® Superforce. Core nutritional components include: easily digestible puffed grains; high quality readily digestible proteins; high vitamin content; minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids. Cavalor® Fifty-Fifty, offers an easy way to increase the nutritional value of your current feeding program by giving you the option of mixing and matching this feed with your current feed and/or grains in order to produce a top-quality ration. Cavalor® Fifty-Fifty has been specifically designed for mixing and matching in order to provide a flexible base for your multifunctional stable (for example, a mixture of studs and horses in training).

Cavalor Juniorix

FOR THE YOUNG & FAST! A FEED SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR YOUNG HORSES FROM 1-3 YEARS OF AGE. Cavalor® Juniorix is specially formulated for young horses from the ages of one through three. –The crucial period in which a foal reaches full development. Playful yearlings need specific growth-inducing nutritional elements; nutrients that guarantee the progressive growth of bones, joints and organs. Cavalor® Juniorix is formulated to support steady and healthy growth which is crucial in the development of strong and healthy horses. Cavalor® Juniorix contains OPTI GROWTH, a special element to ensure proper bone, tendon and joint development by supplying the perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio and optimal availability of copper, zinc and manganese. OPTI GROWTH can help reduce issues related to osteoporosis (porous bones).

Cavalor Mash&Mix

COMFORTING EASILY DIGESTIBLE MIX PACKED WITH VITAMINS & ELECTROLYTES After heavy exertion, travel or during cold winter nights, horses need a light, easily digestible meal as opposed to highly concentrated feed. Cavalor® Mash & Mix is not only designed to be served as a comforting meal, it also promotes hindgut health, particularly during periods of stress due to travel and heavy exertion. The formula contains exclusive heat-treated nutritional elements (mainly wheat, bran and linseed), easily digestible high quality raw materials, vegetables and herbs. The herbal mixture helps stimulate digestion, free-up bronchial tubes and increase palatability. Cavalor® Mash & Mix also contains MEGA ELECTROLYTE to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes after heavy exertion. Cavalor® Mash & Mix is a great warm meal for cold winter days or nights as it is an easily digestible source of energy (diluted with hot water). Cavalor® Mash & Mix is also great for picky eaters and an ideal way to hide supplements!

Cavalor Perfomix

THE PERFECT BALANCE BETWEEN HEALTH & PERFORMANCE FOR SPORT HORSE Cavalor® Perfomix is a well-balanced feed suited for active competition horses intended to be fed in addition to the daily ration of hay and straw. Cavalor® Perfomix is formulated with top quality proteins, fats and easily digestible cellulose. Cavalor® Perfomix contains all the nutritional elements needed by active recreational and competition horses engaging in average to intensive work. Horses engaging in intensive work need additional joint support. Cavalor® Perfomix includes ARTI PRO; a combination of key elements such as copper, zinc and manganese to ensurethe ultimate support for joints, bones and tendons, especially when subjected to additional or increased intensity of work. Cavalor® Perfomix contains YEAST PLUS ;live yeast cultures that helps stimulate the production of lactic acid consuming bacteria in the intestines. These bacteria aid in balancing the lactic acid level in the intestines which improves the absorption of all nutritional elements and helps reduce the risk of colic.

Cavalor Pianissimo

FOR HOT HORSES AND HORSES PRONE TO STRESS, TAKING A BREAK FROM COMPETITION, TEMPORARILY AT REST OR SENSITIVE TO HIGH LEVELS OF PROTEIN Cavalor® Pianissimo is specially formulated for hot horses and horses prone to stress. Cavalor® Pianissimo contains the needed nutritional components for a well-balanced and complete sport horse feed. This feed is highly suitable for horses at rest. Horses at rest are usually given less feed and more roughage to reduce the level of energy ingested due to the lack of exercise during this period. This feeding alteration can result in a nutritional imbalance (nutritional deficiency). Cavalor® Pianissimo contains a very low protein content (7.75 % digestible crude proteins) making it suitable for feeding in addition to roughage rich in protein (such as silage or spring grass) as it is not advisable to feed excessive amounts of protein on a daily basis. The low protein content in Cavalor® Pianissimo makes it ideal for horses slowing down training after a competition season, horses temporarily at rest (recovery) or horses sensitive to high levels of protein. Cavalor® Pianissimo is enriched with OMEGA 3 PLUS to support general fitness and well-being as well as FLORASTIMUL to ensure the efficient absorption of all nutrients while promoting healthy digestion.

Cavalor Probreed

MARE AND FOAL – PERFECT HEALTH DURING GESTATION, LACTATION AND GROWTH Cavalor® Probreed is a mix rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids which are necessary for the growth and optimal development and functioning of the sensitive body systems of unborn foals. Cavalor® Probreed contains OPTI GROWTH, a special combination of elements designed to provide maximum bone support and tendon and joint development for unborn foals. Mares in the last three months of gestation, lactating mares and young foals (up-to- 12 months) have an increased need for the top quality ingredients found in Cavalor® Probreed , but often go without these needed nutrients. Cavalor® Probreed is the result of many years of close cooperation between Cavalor and Europe’s premier stud and breeding facilities. Cavalor® Probreed is a key component for successful breeding practices as it is designed to ensure ideal conditions for healthy and strong foals.

Cavalor Shine & Show

WHERE PERFORMANCE & BEAUTY ALIGN Cavalor® Shine & Show is a unique feed designed for horses that need to standout and shine under the spotlight such as Arabian show horses, sale horses and other show horses. Cavalor® Shine & Show contains a high percentage of natural oils to ensure a shiny and healthy coat while supplying the horse with a safe source of energy. It is important for show horses in general to stay in excellent shape. Cavalor® Shine & Show contains all of the necessary elements to ensure top form and health. It contains MUSCLE PLUS, a sophisticated composition of vitamin E and selenium: this combination of elements helps strengthen the natural resistance of the muscle structure.

Cavalor Start & Go SOFT

FROM MILK TO ENERGY FEED...WITHOUT A NOTICEABLE BREAK IN GROWTH! Cavalor® Start & Go SOFT consists of tasty, easily digestible, heat-treated grains and lactoproteins; an all-in-one product that gradually and naturally allows the foal to go from liquid to solid meals. . This unique formulation safely minimizes the transitional phase during the weaning from milk to energy feeds in order to decrease the chances of a halt in growth. A halt is growth may occur in foals during the transitional phase from liquid to solids as the intake decreases when there is a relatively fast transition. The ratio between calcium and phosphorus is crucial for the proper development and growth of foals. Cavalor® Start & Go SOFT contains OPTI GROWTH to provide the correct nutrient ratios as well as FLORASTIMUL which improves and maintains the health of the intestinal flora while decreasing attachment and growth of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal wall. Cavalor® Start & Go SOFT can be given to foals from the age of 2 weeks to 8-10 months (depending on phase of the weaning period). Feed Cavalor® Start & Go SOFT in special bowls in order to inhibit mares from eating it. If desired, switch to Cavalor® Probreed when the foals reaches 6 months of age.

Cavalor Strucomix Original

THE LOW-STARCH HIGH-FIBER HERBAL MIXTURE Horses are originally prairie animals that primarily grazed all day on grasses and herbs . The equine digestive system is designed for daily grazing; as it is made up of a small stomach and a well-developed large intestine, roughage passes quickly through the stomach and enters the hindgut for digestion. Today’s horses are usually fed highly concentrated energy feeds, relatively little hay and almost no herbs which is quite the opposite of what their digestive systems are designed to ingest in nature. Cavalor® Strucomix Original is a complete maintenance feed containing all the natural raw materials a horse could have originally found in the wild while grazing. This complete feed contains FIBER PLUS, a mix consisting of different types of grass and alfalfa to ensure a balanced supply of crude cellulose, which stimulates the intestinal flora. It also contains YEAST PLUS, active yeast cultures to promote smooth digestion and a wide-ranging herbal mixture that includes thyme, garlic and eucalyptus. These herbs have a favorable effect on digestion, immunity and breathing.

Cavalor Strucomix Pony

SPECIAL HIGH-FIBER BLEND TAILOR-MADE FOR PONIES The way a pony converts feed into usable energy differs from that of a horse and for this reason, Cavalor has developed Cavalor® Strucomix Pony; a special mix for ponies formulated with key elements for an optimized conversion of feed into energy. The ingredients in Cavalor® Strucomix Pony have been carefully selected to optimize digestion. The formula contains key ingredients such as alfalfa stems, vegetables and probiotics. Obesity, loss of conditioning and too much energy are the most common problems found in inadequate diet plans for ponies. Cavalor® Strucomix Pony is formulated to avoid these common issues while making significant diet improvements. Characteristics of Cavalor® Strucomix Pony • Weight management • Energy neutral (will not make ponies hot) • Improves coat quality • The right balance of energy for performance level (recreational, light competition and breeding)

Cavalor Strucomix Senior

HIGH-FIBER FEED WITH EASILY DIGESTABLE PROTEINS & KEY NUTRIENTS FOR SENIOR HORSES & HARD KEEPERS The efficiency of the digestive system as well as the quality of a horse’s teeth decreases as horses age. As a result, senior horses need special nutritional attention. Cavalor® Strucomix Senior fulfils these special requirements. Cavalor® Strucomix Senior is specially formulated with extruded grains for easy and efficient digestion, high quality proteins (easily digestible and faster conversion into energy) as well as a higher content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The high content of copper, zinc and manganese optimally supports joints, tendons and the entire bone structure. Cavalor® Strucomix Senior contains FIBER PLUS, an easily digestible sources of cellulose that provides the daily need for crude cellulose . Crude cellulose helps promote proper functioning of the digestive system. The high vitamin and, mineral content in this feed helps compensate for the reduced absorption of rough cellulose commonly seen in senior horses. Cavalor® Strucomix Senior contains AIR FORCE, a balanced formula with garlic and herbal extracts designed to improve breathing and stimulate optimal blood circulation. Cavalor® Strucomix Senior is ideal for senior horses. This balanced feed can also be fed to hard keepers in need of additional weight and nutrients.

Cavalor Superforce

PURE POWER Cavalor® Superforce is a top quality sport feed specifically designed for the active competition horse performing explosive short efforts (e.g. show jumping, cutting, short distance racing, etc.). To adequately perform short intense efforts (anaerobic activities ) the horse’s body mainly uses sugars derived from the grains in its feed (oats, barley, wheat, corn, etc.). Does feeding more grains equal to more energy? No, feeding too much grains can lead to muscular and digestive issues. A right balance of high quality, heat treated easily digestible grains and probiotics is key for the digestive health of high performance horses. In order to counteract acidification in the large intestine YEAST PLUS , Cavalor’s probiotic was added to the Cavalor® Superforce formula. Cavalor® Superforce contains a special selection of exclusive top quality grains and an exceptional mix of omega-3 and omega- 6-fatty acids (good and safe energy), in addition to amino acids and an extensive range of vitamins, minerals and easily absorbable trace elements. Furthermore, Cavalor® Superforce contains MUSCLE PLUS, a blend of vitamin E and selenium designed to support muscle function. The balanced combination of ingredients in Cavalor® Superforce supports overall conditioning and provides energy for peak performance while promoting a 'fresh' feeling prior to competition. Tip: Feed 20% Cavalor® Superforce and 80% of current feed prior to competition Feed 80% Cavalor® Superforce and 20% of your current feed during competition.

Cavalor Tradition Apple

THE TRADITIONALLY DELICIOUS MIX WITH REAL DRIED APPLE FLAKES Cavalor® Tradition Apple is an oats-free, delicious mix containing all of the necessary nutritious elements for leisure horses. This special mix contains real dried apple flakes for a natural and traditional taste. Cavalor® Tradition Apple contains FLORASTIMUL, a prebiotic to ensure a healthy intestinal flora and help reduce gastro-intestinal upsets.

Cavalor Tradition Mix

TRADTIONAL FORMULA CONTAINING THE MOST ESSENTIAL VALUES FOR A BASIC & NUTRITIOUS RATION Cavalor® Tradition Mix. The name says it all! The formula contains all of the necessary elements for a healthy and balanced traditional horse ration. Cavalor® Tradition Mix is designed for horses at rest or horses performing light work. The balance between quality and price offered with Cavalor® Tradition Mix allows for a very broad use of the feed (regardless of the type of horse). This all-round mix can be digested very easily which leads to a better conversion into usable energy.

Cavalor Tradition Pellet

PELLETED FEED MADE WITH THE CORE INGREDIETS FOR A WELL-BALANCED TRADTIONAL RATION. Cavalor® Tradition Pellet contains all the essential elements needed for a well-balanced ration. Cavalor® Tradition Pellet is ideal for horses at rest or horses subject to very light work, but can be easily supplemented with grains for increased workloads. Cavalor® Tradition Pellet is specifically developed for use in large stables and for silo use. A balanced and economical feed offering the best value for money.

Cavalor Western Mix

A SPECIALTY FEED FOR THE ULTIMATE WESTERN EXPERIENCE Cavalor® Western Mix is specially designed for Quarter Horses, Paint Horses and Appaloosa Horses, as these horses have very specific nutritional needs. Western horses are characterized by their strong muscle and skeletal structures as well as strong ligaments and tendons. Cavalor® Western Mix is specially formulated for the needs of western horses. The mix contains MUSCLE PLUS to protect muscle fiber from cell breakdown after heavy exertion and ARTI PRO to provide maximum support to the skeleton and joints. Cavalor® Western Mix helps reduce muscle fatigue which in turn shortens the recovery time. Cavalor® Western Mix is the ideal feed for top western sport performance – A feed developed for fitness and speed!

Cavalor BreedPro

Cavalor BreedPro is a mix containing all essential elements for breeding horses. High quality proteins, important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Note : This Cavalor feed is only available in Middle East countries. Indication for use Always give BreedPro in addition to sufficient hay (minimal 1,5 kg / 100 kg body weight) and straw. Daily amount per animal: gestation - 0.8 to 1.2 kg per 100 kg live body weight, lactation (feed for the mare) - 1.4 to 1.8 kg per 100 kg live body weight, foals (between the 6th and the 12th month) - 2 to 3 kg.

Cavalor Easy Mix

Contains the elements necessary for traditional horse rations. This mix is used for the horses at rest and at light work. Note : This Cavalor feed is only available in Middle East countries. Indication for use The excellent ratio between the quality offered and the attractive price means that Cavalor Easy Mix can be used very broadly as a basic feed, regardless of the type of horse. This general mix offers the advantage of promoting good and active digestion for better feed conversion.

Cavalor Equido P

Cavalor Equido P contains all the essentials required for a basic horse feed ration. This feed is specially developed for jumpers. Note : This Cavalor feed is only available in Middle East countries. Indication for use Grains can be added to the feed if higher performance is required. Cavalor Equido P is for use in large stables where the price/quality ratio is of the highest importance.

Cavalor Sport Mix Plus

Cavalor Sport Mix Plus is a balanced competition mix for active horses that is given in addition to the daily ration of hay. Note : This Cavalor feed is only available in Middle East countries. Indication for use Cavalor Sport Mix Plus contains all the elements that active horses need for light to average work. Cavalor Sport Mix Plus contains very high quality grain, top quality proteins and easily digestible cellulose.

Medium noseband double bridle - Noseband mat black/black padding

Dressage bridle in rolled English leather Thin soft headpiece - Includes noseband cheek pieces Black mat leather noseband width 2.8 cm Soft Dy’on V- shape browband with authentic Svarowski crystals

Large crank noseband bridle with flash - Noseband patent black/black padding

Dressage bridle in rolled English leather Thin soft headpiece - Includes noseband cheek pieces Black patent leather flash noseband width 3.8 cm Soft Dy’on V- shape browband with authentic Svarowski crystals


4 models of reins with leather round fronts • Flat leather ½” • Flat leather 5/8” with 5 leather loops • Web 5/8” with 5 leather loops • Hunter 5/8” soft leather with 7 leather loops

Medium flash nose band bridle - Noseband mat black/black padding

Dressage bridle in rolled English leather Thin soft headpiece - Includes noseband cheek pieces Black mat leather flash noseband width 2.8 cm Soft Dy�on V- shape browband with authentic Svarowski crystals

Large crank noseband bridle with flash - Noseband mat black/black padding

Dressage bridle in rolled English leather Thin soft headpiece - Includes noseband cheek pieces Black mat leather flash noseband width 3.8 cm Soft Dy’on V- shape browband with authentic Svarowski crystals

Large crank noseband double bridle - Noseband mat black_black padding

Dressage double bridle in rolled English leather Thin soft headpiece - Includes noseband cheek pieces Black mat leather noseband width 3.8 cm Soft Dy’on V- shape browband with authentic Svarowski crystals

Large crank noseband double bridle - Noseband mat black_white padding

Dressage double bridle in rolled English leather Thin soft headpiece - Includes noseband cheek pieces Black mat leather noseband width 3.8 cm Soft Dy’on V- shape browband with authentic Svarowski crystals

Large crank noseband double bridle - Noseband patent black_black padding

Dressage bridle in rolled English leather Thin soft headpiece - Includes noseband cheek pieces Black patent leather noseband width 3.8 cm Soft Dy’on V- shape browband with authentic Svarowski crystals

Large crank noseband double bridle - Noseband patent black_white padding

Dressage bridle in rolled English leather Thin soft headpiece - Includes noseband cheek pieces Black patent leather noseband width 3.8 cm Soft Dy’on V- shape browband with authentic Svarowski crystals

Dressage Browband "Dy'on"

Browband in soft leather V shape Decorated with authentic white Svarowski crystals Dy’on stamp in the leather

Dressage browband “white”

Browband in soft leather V shape Decorated with authentic white Svarowski crystals

Dressage browband pink

Browband in soft leather V shape Decorated with authentic rose gold Svarowski crystals

Dressage browband gold

Browband in soft leather V shape Decorated with authentic yellow gold Svarowski crystals

Dressage browand “blue”

Browband in soft leather V shape Decorated with authentic white ”blue effect” Svarowski crystals

Dressage browband “flower”

Browband in soft leather V shape Decorated with authentic white Svarowski crystals “flower” pattern

Rubber reins with leather loops

Extra supple rubber reins ½ with 7leather loops on the rubber part for an optimal comfort and a perfect grip.

Anatomic breastplate

English leather breastplate with exclusive anatomic shape combining perfect hold of the saddle and total freedom for shoulders movement 4 or 5 attachment points to keep the saddle in optimum position: 2 at saddle rings – 2 at girth straps – 1 removable under girth (to change the breastplate into a breast collar). Each part of the breastplate is adjustable for a perfect fit Breast and shoulders part are padded to procure the best comfort

Double noseband

Another innovation in the New English collection. This noseband combines the effects of a cavesson noseband and a drop noseband. It controls completely the opening of the mouth and, thanks to the lateral straps joining the 2 parts, it also limits the shifting of the jaws. As the two parts can be adjusted completely independently, all tightening combinations are possible depending on the horse and the intended effect.. Moreover, the particular arrangement of the drop parts prevents pinching at the corners of the mouth.. Even if it is more dedicated for strong horses, it can be used on all with a suitable adjustment...

Hunter reins with leather loops

Reins 5/8 in extra supple leather with thin anti-slip rubber lining and 7 loops on the leather for a perfect grip

Hackamore bridle

Hackamore bridle in English leather Thin soft headpiece - Includes noseband cheek pieces: • Anatomic cutting to release totally the base of the ears • Neoprene padding and soft leather lining Hackamore cheek pieces with adjustment strap on jawbone Padded square raised brow band

"Focus" cheek pieces

The innovation… Concentration of the horse is capital in the ring, these removable leather "Focus" cheek pieces reduce and concentrate the field of vision and limit distractions. To fix to the cheek pieces with 2 small velcro straps.