Cavalor Kickup

Cavalor Kick Up has been developed to keep your horse fresh during multiple-day events. Indication for use Per day: ponies and recreation horses: 25 ml/0.85 oz, sport horses: 50 ml/1.69 oz.

Cavalor ATP+

Cavalor ATP+ is a mixture of vegetable fats designed to increase the energy density of the feed. It is ideal for improving the endurance of your horse. Indication for use: Replace 2 kg of daily feed by max. 1 kg of ATP+. Introduce progressively.

Cavalor Pow\'red Performance

Cavalor Pow’red Performance is a liquid mixture of high-quality vitamins and minerals that supports red blood cells and circulation. It also ensures maximum vitality and endurance. Indication for use: Per day: ponies and young horses: 25 ml/0.85 fl. oz., sport horses: 50 ml/ 1.76 fl. oz. Maximum dose per day: 100 ml.

Cavalor Resist

Cavalor Resist + Vit C is designed to support the immune system of your horse. It is useful during the seasonal coat-changing period and for recently imported horses. It can also be used to help prevent skin irritation when traveling to warmer or sandy environments. Indication for use Per day: ponies and young horses: 30 g/1.06 oz, adult horses: 45 g/1.59 oz.