Cavalor Arti Base

For use in maintaining strong bones and keeping joints flexible in horses during the growth phase, horses in work and older horses, as well as preventively for sport horses. Indication for use: Per day: ponies and recreation horses: 30 g/1.06 oz , sport horses: 60 g/2.11 oz

Cavalor Arti Matrix

Chondroitin, glucosamine & MSM alone are not enough to resolve stubborn joint problems. Cavalor Arti Matrix fulfills the increased need for nutrients of the locomotor system in sport horses that engage in heavy efforts by improving suppleness in the joints. Indication for use Per day: ponies and recreation horses: 30 g/1.06 oz (2 sachets), sporthorses: 45 g/1.58 oz (3 sachets) - min. 4 weeks.

Cavalor Freebute

Sport horses only perform optimally when they are feeling good. Cavalor FreeBute supports the muscles and joints of horses that have to deliver top performances. Cavalor FreeBute helps your horse feel good. Indication for use 5-10 tablets per day divided over 2 meals, 1 to 2 days before and during the competition.

Cavalor Freebute Pro

Cavalor FreeBute Pro was developed to support the muscles and gives nutritional support in times of muscle and joint stress. Cavalor Freebute Pro is ideal for horses that have to deliver top performances at the highest level. Indication for use: One-half injection the evening before the exertion and one-half injection in the morning prior to the exertion.